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so my mom was telling one of her coworkers about my “unhealthy” obsession with Supernatural so he spent like a solid week putting together all the music from each season for me

Do you even understand how awesome that is.

Crowley in Caged Heat







I’ve gained a number of followers that I never thought I would achieve, and this giveaway is to thank all of you for your continued support and friendship! 


  • must be following me
  • likes do not count.
  • reblog once for entry.
  • NO giveaway blogs


Winner gets:

  • The above poster (16.4” x 21.9”) designed by myself, printed from Redbubble, and signed by the following Supernatural actors: Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Ty Olsson, Tyler Johnston, Osric Chau, Adam J Harrington, AJ Buckley, and Gabriel Tigerman.

Shipping will be worldwide, you can enter from anywhere (except outer space, FedEx doesn’t go there…)

This will end August 31st at 12:00pm PST!

(And there may be a couple surprises along the way, I have some cool things up my sleeve ;) keep an eye out!)

A little known fact: Misha wrote “DO NOT EAT!” after I asked him what Castiel’s reaction would be to seeing this as an actual campaign poster of Crowley’s :3

Keep an eye on this post the next couple days, I’ll be adding some more stuff (aka SDCC swag!)

Here we go! An update! Along with the above poster, the winner will also receive their choice of 4 of the following posters! They will also receive the GotG sticker, the Original Sin bouncy ball, and a set of 5 Game of Thrones tattoos!

With this handful of merch to give away, I’ve decided to have a runner-up! This second winner will win:

  • the remaining 3 posters that the winner does not choose
  • the remaining 3 pins
  • one X-Men poster (as I have two reversible posters, each winner will get one)
  • One set of 5 Game of Throne temporary tattoos

Reblog and good luck! If I find more things to add, I’ll most likely extend the end date!

UPDATE: EXTENDING THE DEADLINE AN EXTRA WEEK in order to try to find more things to add. The new deadline to enter will be September 7th!





Supernatural-who-lock’s “I’m close enough” give away!

Ok, so for the longest time I have been promising a giveaway, and boy have I got one planned out. And hey, I am 200 away from my goal, which is close enough to celebrate for me!

  • Any candle form Fandlemonium
  • A Supernatural inspired bracelet
  • An Anti-Posession sticker
  • A TARDIS, Dalek, and DW logo sticker
  • An “I am SHER-locked” sticker
  • The Deathly Hallows necklace
  • The Deathly Hallows sticker
  • The Samulet
  • Supernatural Charm Wrap bracelet*
How It'll Work:
  • There will be 3 4 winners
  • You see all of those numbers and letters under the pics? pretty much that’ll help out when you choose your prize.
  • So, first place winner gets to choose any candle from section a, two things from section b, and one things from c. First place winner also gets prize d
  • Second place gets to choose one thing from b, one thing from c, and also gets prize d
  • third place gets to choose one thing from b, and gets d
  • fourth place gets d
  • Must be following me
  • Reblog up to 3 times per day (just so that you don’t spam your followers)
  • Giveaway blogs welcome to enter!
  • unfortunately, likes will not count, but go ahead and like this for reference if you want
Extra Info:
  • If you follow me on instagram, you will get an extra 5 entries per reblog (just message me with your instagram so that i can check, and tell me how many times you rebloged this so that i can enter it into the draw)
  • OK SO I KEEP ON MENTIONING A DRAW WELL ok so i’m gonna pick the winners by using one of those online random-picker-things and choose each winner like that
  • Please keep you inbox open! If I can’t message you that you won, then I’ll choose another winner. 
  • This must reach +800 notes or else this disappears
  • If this gets +1500 notes, i’ll add in a mystery prize, which might or might not be fandom related. who knows? (I certainly don’t at this point)
  • I’ll choose the winners on August 12, 2014. (Why that date? I just pulled it out of the top of my head)

Message me with any questions! I’ll be more than glad to answer them

*Ok so if you peeps have been keeping up with Genevive Padalecki’s life, then you know that her sister, Sarah Cortez, suffers from a brain injury. Each purchase of their Supernatural Charm Bracelet helps out their cause. 

Update: I forgot to mention that I’ll pay for the international shipping, so if you live in other countries, feel free to enter :)

I am now putting in a mystery prize, which is fandom related! If this reaches 8000+ notes, then i’ll add more prizes and more winners, and extend the picking of the time a month later so that you have more chances to reblog and enter <3

OK LOOK HERE: If a certain number of you vote for this person, and message me telling that you have voted for them, then i will add more winners because yes why not so PLEASE VOTE

Update: this post looks like a mess wow. Keeping it real simple here. 1) because the givaway got over a certain number of notes, thr go Vea way is ending
September 12 2) message me either on here through an ask/fanmail, or on instagram itself 3) after the giveaway ends I will make a post with links to where I’m getting all of the prizes, so that you can buy them if you’d like. That post will be made after September 12 Hopefully all of your questions have been answered with this update. If not, send me an ask and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can


My saint bernard lets the outside cats sleep with him




My saint bernard lets the outside cats sleep with him


Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s Ice Bucket Challenge!

Did the Falcon just fly off?




DIY Inspiration: Rough Crystal Crowns. Rough Crystals and wire worked crowns. I’ve posted before where to look for “rough crystals” and I have lots of tutorials on wire working (tagged wire on my blog).


Handmade crowns by Elemental Child.

I need them all

I might try to make one of these.